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After a lapse of 1231 days, Yin Hongbo scored again in the Super League, which is the best return for him to survive the injury. Because of the experience, I cherish it even more. Yin Hongbo always fights bravely. As he said, "Just like my name, this kind of character cannot be changed."


This is a warm winter, and the north has no chill since early March. Under the new crown epidemic, the Hebei China Fortune Team is still on holiday, and the cattle and camel training base is empty. There was a rush of footsteps and breathing, especially echoing, this is Yin Hongbo. "Prepare the necessary outfits for the comeback." Saying that it is "outfits" is actually all kinds of training. Practice running, jumping, upper limbs, and strength. The frequent injuries and illnesses in the past two years have added a bit of vicissitudes to the face of this "Sunshine Boy", "Do you know? I sometimes speak out unconsciously, at my age now..."

这是一个温暖的冬天,北方从三月初开始就没有寒冷。在新的王冠流行下,河北中国财富团队仍在休假,牛和骆驼的训练基地空无一人。脚步声和呼吸急促,尤其是回声,这就是尹洪波。 “为复出做好准备。”说这是“装备”实际上是各种各样的训练。练习跑步,跳跃,上肢和力量。在过去的两年中,频繁的工伤和疾病使这个“阳光男孩”的脸色有些许沧桑,“你知道吗?我有时不知不觉地说出自己的年龄……”

Once shining, it should have been bright, what was it that influenced his football life? "Injury!" On August 21, when Yin Hongbo broke through Wuhan Zall's goal with an offside lob shot, he opened his hands and raised his head to celebrate. "1231 days! In the career of a professional player, how many 1231 days are worth waiting, it's too long, too long!" After 3 years and 4 months, he scored again in the Super League. Those tired and empty scenes resurfaced, and he finally tasted the reward.

一旦闪闪发光,它本来应该是明亮的,是什么影响了他的足球生活? “受伤!” 8月21日,尹宏波越位射门突破武汉扎尔的进球时,他张开双手抬起头庆祝。 “ 1231天!在职业球员的职业生涯中,有1231天值得等待,这太久太久了!” 3年零4个月后,他再次在超级联赛中得分。那些疲倦而空虚的场面浮出水面,他终于尝到了回报。

Seek doctor several times


Even if he shines in the league again, Yin Hongbo will end his lunch break 40 minutes earlier than most people. "Before training, press the leg and muscles, and warm up on the field to fully release." This is his habit when he comes to the Suzhou competition area. He has to "pinch" in the infirmary every night before returning to the house at 23:00, ice therapy , Acupuncture, massage, almost everything. "There have been too many injuries in the past two years. The muscle type is not comparable to many people, and the muscle mass is also decreasing. I can only recover, massage and relax more times than others." He said calmly.

即使他再次在联盟中大放异彩,尹洪波也将比大多数人提前40分钟结束午休时间。 “在训练之前,先按压腿部和肌肉,然后在场地上热身以完全释放。”这是他来苏州比赛区的习惯。他每天晚上必须在医院里“捏”一下,然后在23:00返回家中,进行冰疗,针灸,按摩等几乎所有的工作。 “过去两年中受伤太多。肌肉类型无法与许多人媲美,肌肉质量也在下降。我只能比其他人恢复,按摩和放松更多次。”他平静地说。

After getting through the injury period, he was more careful than ever. "I cherish my career more, because I have experienced that period of suffering." It is better to call it anxiety than torture. "There were several injuries that happened suddenly, and there was no warning before." Yin Hongbo sighed, breaking apart and rubbing to recall his injury history, "Cervical spine fracture in early 2018, knee injury in April, and then After surgery in Germany, he was strained twice after returning home. The following year, he suffered a bone fracture in the nose and then strained in the Football Association Cup. Then there was a problem with the knee joint, and another operation was required.” For a while, Yin Hongbo just woke up. Does it hurt to touch my knee? Is there any effusion? "The nose bone is cracked and there is a strain, but it's okay. It's the knee that you can recover slowly." When he worked for Guangdong Sun Spring in 2011, he went to the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical University to perform surgery on the knee meniscus. "That treatment The effect was very good. In the next 7 years, nothing happened, but the two years started again."

经历了受伤期后,他比以往任何时候都更加小心。 “我更珍惜自己的职业,因为我经历了那段苦难。”称它为焦虑比折磨更好。 “有几处突然发生的伤害,以前没有任何警告。”尹洪波叹了口气,分手并擦了一下自己的伤史:“ 2018年初颈椎骨折,4月膝盖受伤,然后在德国手术后,他回到家后两次受到拉伤。第二年,他患了骨头鼻子骨折,然后在足协杯中拉伤。然后膝关节出现问题,需要进行另一次手术。”有一阵子,尹红波刚醒来。摸我的膝盖会痛吗?有渗出吗?“鼻骨开裂,有拉伤,但没关系。膝盖是可以缓慢恢复的。” 2011年,他在广东太阳城工作时,去了北京医科大学第三医院对膝盖半月板进行手术。“这种治疗效果非常好。在接下来的7年中,什么都没有发生,但是两年又开始了。”

The experience in the following year was almost the same, but with the last big break, Yin Hongbo didn’t want to give up halfway. “At that time, Zhang Chengdong advised me, or don’t practice and take a movie. But I think it’s hard to make the first 6 rounds , If I retreat at this time, it will affect my state too much." This northeast guy is really strong, he just clenched his teeth and insisted on practicing for 3 weeks. Before training every day, you have to tie several layers of bandages on your knees, and sometimes take some painkillers. Although he can make do with it, it is obvious that he will struggle to complete some movements. "Later, there was no way to sprint, even to speed up the change of direction." He couldn't keep going, he had to embark on the road of seeking medical treatment.

第二年的经历几乎是相同的,但是在最后一个重大突破之后,尹洪波不想放弃一半。 “当时,张承东建议我,或者不要练习看电影。但是我认为前6轮很难,如果我现在退缩,将会对我的状态造成很大的影响。”这个东北人真的很强壮,他只是咬紧牙关,坚持练习3周。在训练之前每天,您都必须在膝盖上绑上几层绷带,有时还需要一些止痛药。尽管他可以做到,但显然他会努力完成一些动作。“后来,没有办法冲刺了。 ,甚至加快方向的转变。”他不能继续前进,他不得不走上寻求医疗的道路。

The injury to Yin Hongbo was not a small blow. "I asked myself, is it okay? Can it be restored to the previous state? The injuries are so repeated, just a little bit and then, when you get better, it hurts the other. It's really torturing." The second time I went to Germany. , He saw the surgeon again, but after the operation, the problem was not the meniscus but the cartilage. "If you practice for one or two more weeks, the cartilage damage will be more serious. But fortunately, only a little bit of excision is needed this time." After being sad, Yin Hongbo finally got a little comfort.

对尹洪波的伤害不小。 “我问自己,还好吗?可以恢复到以前的状态吗?伤势如此反复,只有一点点,然后,当你好起来的时候,就会伤害到对方。这真的很折磨。”我第二次去德国。 ,他再次见到了外科医生,但手术后的问题不是半月板,而是软骨。 “如果再练习一两个星期,软骨损伤将更加严重。但是幸运的是,这次仅需要一点点切除。”悲伤之后,尹洪波终于有了一点安慰。

Family credit


After knee surgery last year, Yin Hongbo had a long recovery course. "About half a year later, he will still return to the United States." He said that from a professional point of view, this injury was not what he feared most, but troubles existed, especially before the second departure to Germany. At that time, I had a lot of negative energy. I often wondered, why did I work for so long last year? I hurt my knee again, the previous efforts were wasted, and I have to return to the place where a person lives, and I have to repeat the first experience. It makes people torment, it's really a bit unbearable." He couldn't help it, he described it like this.

去年膝盖手术后,尹洪波的病程很长。 “大约半年后,他仍将返回美国。”他说,从专业的角度来看,这种伤害不是他最担心的,但是存在麻烦,尤其是在第二次离开德国之前。那时,我有很多负能量。我经常想知道,为什么我去年工作了这么长时间?我再次伤了膝盖,以前的努力被浪费了,我必须回到一个人居住的地方,并且我必须重复亚愽娱乐网址第一次经历。它使人折磨,真的有点难以忍受。”他忍不住,他这样描述。

For the first time in Germany, with the exception of a small translator accompanying him, in most cases, Yin Hongbo had to face the issue of recovery alone. "He can drive me to pick me up, take me to eat Chinese food, and even play video games together. But every treatment and training, I need to face it alone." German experts do not want him to practice for too long, the rehabilitation center will have to close the door. Yin Hongbo went to the gym outside to practice, "All kinds of upper limbs, strength, water walks, and go to the sauna, almost every day." He said with a smile, the best way to solve the troubles is to train, "I am idle. Only when I come down will I think a lot, and I will be able to devote myself and concentrate when I practice-just without distracting thoughts." The second time in Germany, he met the big brothers like Yang Zhi and Yu Hanchao, and Mrs. Yin was finally able to leave and go with him. When he returned to the United States to recover later, his father-in-law and mother-in-law rushed to Los Angeles to accompany him, and life gradually became warmer.

在德国,尹洪波第一次在德国,除了有一位小翻译陪同外,尹洪波不得不独自面对恢复的问题。 “他可以带我去接我,带我去吃中餐,甚至一起玩电子游戏。但是每一次治疗和训练,我都必须独自面对。”德国专家不希望他练习太久,康复中心将不得不关门。尹洪波去外面的体育馆练习:“几乎每天都有各种各样的上肢,力量,水步和桑拿。”他笑着说,解决问题的最佳方法是训练:“我很懒惰。只有当我跌倒时,我才会思考很多,而且在练习的时候,我将全身心投入并专心致志,而不会分散注意力。想法。”他第二次在德国见到了杨智和于汉超等大兄弟,尹太太终于可以离开了。当他回到美国以后康复时,他的岳父和岳母赶赴洛杉矶陪伴他,生活逐渐变得更加温暖。

Yin Hongbo often said, "My wife understands me very well. She is the one who is most grateful for walking down this road." Sometimes when he comes back from training, he talks very little. "Some things are difficult to be resolved by family members. But if she can accompany me by her side, she will feel warm and comfortable in her heart." After the second operation, Mrs. Yin often advised him, "This time I will recover , You must follow the doctor’s instructions and never make your own claims.” Yin Hongbo feels that nowadays, he must have the credit of his family.

尹洪波经常说:“我的妻子非常了解我。她是最感激这条路的人。”有时,当他从训练中回来时,他的讲话很少。 “有些事情很难由家庭成员解决。但是如果她能陪在我身边,她的内心就会感到温暖和舒适。”进行第二次手术后,尹太太经常告诉他:“这次我要康复了,你必须听从医生的指示,不要提出自己的要求。”尹洪波认为,如今,他必须得到家人的信任。

"Actually, when I recovered for the second time, I was under pressure. The American offer was very high, and among the local players, I was the first to recover from Los Angeles. I was not familiar with anything, but the club was helping me deal with it. . To be honest, I really thank the club’s leaders. After all, it was a second injury. I didn’t make any contribution to the team and the cost was so high. But the club supports me very much, so I don’t have to worry about it. This kind of kindness will last my life. Don't forget." Yin Hongbo said gratefully.


Glow in the second spring


After returning to the team at the end of December last year, Yin Hongbo did not dare to follow the team immediately after learning the lessons of the last time. Even if I went to Japan to train, my physical condition obviously improved, and I only practiced strength alone. At this time, Yang Zhi happened to go to Hebei Huaxia Fortune to train with the team. When they met unexpectedly, they "accompany" Shuangyin every day. "I really appreciate the double doctors. Without him, my physical condition would not have recovered so well." Yin Hongbo even said with a smile, "I knew he had such a good recovery method, so I wouldn't have to travel so far." Whether it is in Hainan , Japan, or staying alone at the cattle and camel base to practice hard after the outbreak, Shuangyin is making plans for Yin Hongbo.

去年12月底返回团队后,尹洪波在上一次课程学习后就不敢立即跟随团队。即使去日本训练,我的身体状况也明显改善了,我只练习亚愽娱乐网址力量。这时,杨植正巧去河北华夏财富与团队一起训练。当他们意外相遇时,他们每天都会“陪伴”双音。 “我非常感谢双重医生。没有他,我的身体状况不会恢复得很好。”尹洪波甚至笑着说:“我知道他有这么好的康复方法,所以我不必走那么远。”不管是在日本海南,还是在疫情爆发后独自待在牛和骆驼基地辛苦练习,双印都在为尹洪波制定计划。

Later, he started scoring goals in the teaching match. Li Yi, the assistant coach at the time, advised him, “The teaching game is different from the official game. At least six or seven games in the Super League will be required before you can say that you can fully recover your form.” Yin Hongbo looked forward to the new season, but he entered the Suzhou Division on the third day. Strained again. "At that time, the mentality was very bad, and I was particularly scared. Worrying was another cycle.

后来,他开始在教学比赛中进球。当时的助理教练李毅建议他:“教学游戏与官方游戏不同。在您可以说您可以完全恢复状态之前,至少需要在超级联赛中进行六到七场比赛。”尹洪波期待新赛季的到来,但是第三天他进入了苏州分部。再次紧张。 “那时,心态很差,我特别害怕。担心是另一个循环。

Yin Hongbo said that for many years he has been used to gritting his teeth and fighting bravely on the court. "Just like my name, this personality cannot be changed. In the face of injury, there is only one way to strengthen various auxiliary Recovery and treatment." There is also strength training. Yin Hongbo said that this is a "debt" he has owed for many years. "Because of poor strength, there will always be injuries." Now he lifts the barbell once or twice a week. , "It used to be difficult to lift 70 or 80 kg, but now it is no problem around 150 kg." He said with a smile.

尹洪波说,多年来,他已经习惯了咬牙和在球场上勇敢地战斗。 “就像我的名字一样,这种个性无法改变。面对受伤,只有一种方法可以加强各种辅助性康复和治疗。”还有力量训练。尹洪波说,这是他多年以来的“债务”。 “由于力量不足,总会有伤亡。”现在,他每周一次或两次举起杠铃。 ,“以前举起70或80公斤很困难,但是现在举起150公斤就没问题了。”他笑着说。

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